Events: Calgary Chicken Save

When: March 12, 2016

Where: Lilydale/Sofina Slaughterhouse 2126 Hurst Road SE, Calgary


On Saturday, March 12, we will be taking our animal activism to the streets in hopes of raising awareness for farmed animals, in particular, the hundreds of thousands of chickens that are killed each week at the lilydale slaughterhouse in Calgary.

We will meet at the slaughterhouse on Hurst Rd in the Inglewood neighborhood of Calgary, and will campaign on the main street behind the slaughterhouse (11th St.). Please feel free to bring your camera, and any signs or posters you may have made. If you don’t have any posters, don’t worry, I will be bringing 8 posters that we can all share. (they’re in the mail and SHOULD be here by that time, fingers crossed)

As this is our first event I want as many people to show up as possible so please try to make it out and feel free to bring along anyone! The animals can’t speak for themselves, they need our voices to be heard!!

This event will be different from a vigil in the sense that there will be no chickens coming into the slaughterhouse (weekends are for cleaning), but I think the weekend is a good time to campaign on the main streets to raise awareness, talk to people, hand out brochures, etc. Vigils will be planned for the future once we have the appropriate times figured out but in the meanwhile let’s get out and make a difference!!

Please share this around to anyone who might be interested!!



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