Backcountry Vegan: Chocolate Fondue

Mike and I like to spend a lot of time in the wilderness, communing with nature and shit.  Actually we just really like being away from other humans.  Far away.  Plus we like rocks and trees.

This year for his birthday/Valentine’s Day, which conveniently fell on a long-weekend, we decided to do some winter backpacking and camping.

Wanting to do something special, I put together a sweet vegan chocolate fondue. I brought with us the following items:

  • Vegan chocolate chips (specifically President’s Choice semi-sweet chocolate chips)
  • Soy milk powder (from Bulk Barn)
  • Dried fruit (basically any kind of dried fruit I could find, mostly at Bulk Barn.  We had dried figs, peaches, pears, cherries, apricots, and more.  I would have made my own but there wasn’t enough time)
  • Two backpacking pots that nest inside each other.  This is important.  Any brand or set will do, so long as you have two pots and one fits inside the other.
  • Wine (optional)

In camp, I took my larger pot and put a couple of flat rocks in the bottom, as well as 2 cups of water.  Then I took my smaller pot, and in it I mixed a couple of tablespoons of powdered soy milk with around half a cup of water.  I put the larger pot of water and stones on our backpacking stove on high heat.  Then I put the smaller pot inside of it, like a backcountry bain-marie, and let the soy milk start heating up.  Once the soy milk was smooth and lump-free (warming it up really helps with this) I dumped in 12 ounces (by weight) of the chocolate chips, and began stirring.


It might look frightful half-way through, but keep stirring, and eventually you will have smooth, delicious melted chocolate.

I popped the whole thing into our pot cozy, which is probably the most useful piece of cooking gear I’ve ever purchased.  I didn’t take the small pot out of the big pot, because with the pot cozy the whole thing would stay warm and melty.

I laid out all of the dippers, and poured some white wine, and we dipped and sipped and celebrated Valentine’s Day in a way that was very us, and in such beautiful surroundings.

FondueMike Enjoying FondueSnowshoeWinter CampingWinter Mountains

This recipe could easily be adapted for car camping, and you would be able to use fresh fruit if you wanted.  I had also planned to bring some vegan cookies for dipping, but the food bags were so heavy already I didn’t bother.  Marshmallows, pieces of cake, and graham crackers are also popular dippers you might enjoy.



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