What Vegans Eat: Vegan Swap Boxes!!!

A few weeks ago I joined a vegan swap box group on FB and it has been AMAZING so far. If you aren’t familiar, basically you ask if anyone wants to do a swap (generally you mention what country you are in) and then if anyone take you up, a dollar amount is agreed upon, allergies or food preferences are discussed, and then you set about filling a box with goodies for the other person. I’ve sent packages to Scotland and England, and so far two boxes have made their way here (two more are in transit).

Vegetable Pate

All 4 of us (Mike, the kids, and myself) sit down and taste all the things we’ve received and it’s been super fun. A great experience for the kids to try snacks from other counties, and a neat way to connect with other parts of the world. It’s like having a pen pal but with food involved!

Swap Box #2

It’s addictive as well! I’m currently putting together my 5th swap box, and then I think I need to take a brief break because the postage part gets costly. However, I look forward to doing many more swaps in the future 😀

Garlic Gathia


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  1. Anna Daftari says:

    Looks so amazing 😍😍😏


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